Turkey is the magical land, that has the unique ability to convert the humble bicycle into “a time machine”. The opportunity to ride through this fantastic land that bridges the west and the east is not to be missed, where every stroke of the pedal leads to the fulfillment of the promise, the promise of viewing and experiencing exotic vistas, fantastic civilizations, to receive the warmest of hospitality and be welcomed with open arms as family.

Cycling provides the optimum pace at which to truly appreciate this mesmerizing dance of the magnificence of the history all around and the spellbinding beauty of the land that is Turkey. Be prepared to be transported back in time to pedal in the footsteps of Neolithic man right through till the modern world.

Whether you are a keen rider looking for a pleasant road bike ride along the turquoise coast or an adventurer in search of some physical activity with plenty of sightseeing, or just a traveler who is exploring in comfort and responsibly, route options are endless in a geography where East literary meets West.

Taurus Mountain range along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is a heaven for mountain bikers with climbs up to almost 1800m (5900 ft) high where you will be dazzled with thick cedar and pine forests and ancient cities hidden among them.

The western coast of Turkey is a wonderland for all cyclists. The Aegean Turkey offers unique and contrasting regions to experience by bicycle. You will find all of the quintessential attractions to explore on two wheels —historic villages, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Citta Slow towns, more than a dozen ancient cities of Ionia, beautiful coastlines, and delicious Aegean food accompanied with local wine.

Who could resist to winding through on two wheels along the fairy chimneys of magical Cappadocia? The geological phenomena create a lunar like landscape fractured by deep valleys that justly earned UNESCO World Heritage status. Cappadocia is not only a great mountain bike destination, it is just as blessed when it comes to gravel and road biking. Amazing network of trails will surprise you with cave dwellings and hidden churches of early Christianity.

Fantastic scenery of coastal vistas and forested mountains along the large stretch of Black Sea coast of Turkey is well worth the effort of going up and down on a bicycle in this evergreen region. You will meet the hospitable people of the Black Sea over a glass of local “çay”, brewed black tea of the region.

Istanbul, a bustling city that spreads over two continents, a melting pot of cultures and religions… Cycling in Istanbul runs the spectrum from a stunning ride through imperial monuments in the historical peninsula to a romantic escape from the city to Princes’ Islands on a day trip. Whether you are visiting the city for a day, or in between business meetings, you will find that cycling is the most pleasant way to discover this beautiful and huge city. Istanbul is full of historical and natural surprises for two-wheeled explorers. The Bosphorus, the natural strait that divides Europe from Asia, will accompany you from the Marmara Sea to the Black Sea in the north with jewel-like wooden shore mansions, purplish Judas trees along the shores, and with some dolphins, if you are lucky.

Turkey is a fascinating land to explore, with its deep and long history with an unbroken line of civilizations from the Neolithic times till the modern world. Filled with nature that humbles one with its beauty and people who welcome all with open hearts and arms.

We welcome you to discover Turkey on your bicycle. Captain your time machine and marvel at the wonderful experiences that await you!