We’re going to Şirince by passing between olive groves and gardens!

15-kilometer-long route start from the square of Belevi. We climb between through the olive groves at the point where there are historical ruins called “kale”, which means “castle”. This is an ideal point for taking pictures. You’ll see Mozelium from there, that is our next stop!

We climbed, descended, and now we’ll climb some more. The goal is to arrive in Şirince Village. On the way, there will be some points where you can see Selçuk and Keçi Castle from a bird’s eye view. Then, we’ll arrive to Şirince.

Şirince is a village known its prophecie as you know. Many people thought that the end of the world would come here in 2012. Don’t think about it and enjoy dozens of wines, don’t leave without pure olive oils and gum mastic!