We depart from Germiyan near Çeşme and go to the ancient Ionian city of Erythrai in Ildırı!

This is a 10-kilometer-long route. You’re not going to too much climg or descend. After leaving Germiyan, which is a very old residential area, we’ll continue through forests, alleys, macquis and mostly olive groves and arrive to Erythrai, one of the 12 Ionian cities.

Erythtrai is a thousand-year-old port city. One of the most important ports and centers of the region in the eighth and seventh centuries B.C. The people of the region live on fishing and tourism today and live together with the ancient city. You can see the ancient city in Ildırı, swim in the one of the cleanest shores of Aegean Sea and participate in the boat tours.