We are moving a little away from the sea, this route will be a bit challenging. Not a little bit, actually, you may have a little more trouble!

In Bademler, we start the 59.4 km route by passing through the quiet roads in the village. The first destination is Güzelbahçe district center. Until here, a straight route and a quiet journey wait for us. But we will start climbing afterwards.

We’re climbing Kızıldağlar with unique landscapes. So, having a good camera would be great. When you stop to rest, you shouldn’t forget to take photos. Asphalt village roads will take us to the highest point of the route, to an altitude of 961 meters.

Then, we pass on the asphalt village roads, through Efemçukuru and Çamtepe villages, arrive to Gödence Village and complete our route.