If you have prepared your legs on the Ovacık-Yaylakuzdere-Gedelme route, then you are ready to depart from Ovacık and to climb on Sarıçınar Mountain!

We start off from Ovacık, at an altitude of 1100 meter. We’re heading north, parallel to the Mediterranean on our right. We’ll not go below 1100-meter altitude until our first direction, Sarıçınar.

The summit of Mount Sariçınar at an altitude of 1793 meters, in the middle of the route at 26th kilometer. But our only goal won’t be to get there as soon as possible.

Because the coolness and fresh air of the Cedar forests you’re going through will give you desire for stop there and rest. And it’s not just cedar trees, but also peany flowers there will be another reason to stop. You can see this flower only in Asia and some parts of Europe and in Northwest America.

If we’re at the summit of Sarıçınar; so, we deserve a great landspace of the Mediterranean. You are at the one of the best points to see the beaches of Beldibi, which are hundreds of meters long.
We’re going to lose an altitude of about 950 meters in 12 kilometers after the Sarıçınar peak. It’s going to be a hard descending. Then, going back to Ovacık won’t push your legs too hard.