The starting point is Tekirova, a few kilometers south of Kemer. We pass about the first eight kilometers of the 35.5 km course on the asphalt road, via the main road.

We’ll gain a total of 1115 meters altitude. And we’ll gain the half of it in the first 10 kilometers. So, there is about five percent average slope in the first 10 kilometers. But we’ll be down to sea level again at the next eight kilometers. The legs will have the opportunity to rest in the meantime.

And, at the end of the 18th kilometer, we’ll arrive to Maden Bay.This bay is the one of the most virgin bay in Mediterranean. A very suitable bay for camping, independent of city noise. To complete the route, we have to leave. We can come back after finishing the course.

We’re going to north, towards Kemer. We’ll move about 15 kilometers without getting away from the sea. Direction is Tekirova. We turn left from the center of Tekirova and come to where we started the route and end this course.

From there, you can turn right to go to the center of Kemer, and if you want to camp, turn left to go to Maden Bay!