The east and sea side slopes of Mount Olympus are our starting point. A quiet challenging start is waiting for us. If you’ve prepared your legs on relatively easy courses, you can now push limits a little (!) here.

The average slope of the first 12 kilometers is 12 percent. It means we’re starting our route with a hard climb which may slow down even professional cyclists. We’ll depart from 317 meters of altitude, and at the end of 12 kilometers, we’ll be about 1,420 meters above the sea.

After these 12 kilometers, we have a relatively flat route about 10 kilometers. Then, between 22nd and 29th kilometers, with a average slope of six percent, we’re going to climb to an altitude of 1,500 meters. We are now in Altinyaka Plateau.

If you are there in the right season, you can see the the daisy flowers in the fresh air of Altınyaka. Between the white and the yellow, you’ve chance to move during a few kilometers by filling the oxygen in your lung. Then, an adrenaline-filled descending will be waiting for you!

We had climbed in first 12 kilometers, now we’ll descend on the same way. May be this will not be tiring for the legs, but it’s a good idea to check the brakes before starting to descend!