If you’re looking for a different route than the others and even the high adrenaline of mountain biking isn’t enough for you, you’re on the right page! Because this Enduro MTB course promises more than high adrenaline.

We’ll start off from Çalıştepe, just south of Kemer, inside Beydağları National Park. Before starting, it’s possible to visit the Idyros Ancient City. There are Byzantine walls ruins in this ancient city, which existed from the fourth to sixth centuries to the present day. As well as Byzantine walls, a church and a chapel ruins are some of the things you have to see before riding!

The course is not too long, 7.17 kilometers. But 60 percent of the route is path. We arrive at sea level from an altitude of 300 meters in 4.5 kilometers. And that’s 4.5 kilometers has the very high adrenaline that an extreme sport lover can expect

We continue on asphalt roads in the last 2.7 km and arrive to the center of Kemer. If you say that dose of adrenaline is enough for one day, you can spend the rest of the day by swimming at the blue flag beaches of Kemer!