We are starting one of the most challenging mountain bike climbing routes in Kemer. By departing from center of Kemer.

After heading west on the asphalt road for a while, we will enter the pine forests, the earth roads.

Our first stop will be Çukuryayla at an altitude of about 1770 meters. You should get used to plenty of oxygen as you ride through the pine forests. Because it may be a liitle difficult to breathe the abundant oxygen of Çukuryayla.

To arrive to peak, in other words, to gain altitude of 1.770 meters, we’re ride during 25.8 kilometers. So, over a long distance, you need to climb an average slope of six percent. In short, it will be quite good to make training before starting this route.

Beycik is our direction after storing oxygen in Çukuryayla. Beycik is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Olympus where you can see the Mediterranean. To reach there, you need to lose an altitude of about 1,450 meters ‘n 22 kilometers. A 22-kilometer where we’re going to use the pedal less, use the brake more!

Beycik offers us an extraordinary sunset as well as an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea. That’s why, it seems like a better option to be there at sunset time!