You are on the right page if you want neither an easy nor a very challenging route!

We will depart from the center of Kemer, head west and arrive to Gedelme Plateau and go back to the center of Kemer. We have the ideal route for training before tougher courses.

We said we’re starting off from Kemer. In the first 7,5 kilometers, we prepare our legs for the hardest slopes. Because the average slope in the next 5.5 kilometers will be about 8.5 percent. Pulses will go up. But don’t worry, there’s a chance to rest.

After that 8.5 percent slope, we’re descending about 2.5 kilometers. Legs are resting, pulse is approaching normal. Now we’re going to climb again about 3.5 kilometers. The slope is relatively lighter but still challenging: 7 percent.

We climbed the maximum eleve of the course to an altitude of about 700 meters. We’re in Gedelme Plateau. Returning to Kemer is an option, but staying here is not a bad idea! Gedelme Plateau offers us enough options to stay here with both accommodation facilities and trekking routes.

But if we want to go back to Kemer, we have to descent about seven kilometers on earth road. We can arrive to the center of Kemer by passing after seven kilometers on asphalt road!