Tahtalı Mountain, also known as Mount Olympus, according to Greek mythology, the House of Gods… The highest point of the Western Taurus and the one of the most important station of historical Lycian Road… Can you imagine a better spot for the start of a mountain bike route?

But we have bad news for those who don’t have experience on mountain bikes. This route is for professionals or riders who have gained a lot of experience on mountain biking. If you don’t think you have enough experience, we recommend our previous mountain bike routes.

We’re moving about nine kilometers from the back of Mount Olympus at the same altitude. There is no climbing or descending. But the descending part with an average slope of 16 percent, which continue from 9th to 12th kilometers, explains why this route is for professionals.

After this hard descending, there is a flat route during two kilometers. Then a difficult and technical descending awaits us, although not as much as the first one: 2,5 kilometers, an average slope of 12 percent! It would be good to reduce adrenaline in the next parts of the course. So, even the descending continues until the last 7 kilometers, that will not be too challenging. The last seven kilometers bring us to the center of Kemer on asphalt road!