We depart from Çıralı in this time! It’s possible to follow the second route and ride from Kemer to Çıralı and extend our ride. Or we’ll start to ride directly from Çıralı with 100 percent energy. This course will be a little tiring!

We need to climb before arriving to main road. We’ll gain an altitude of about 300 meters in seven kilometers between pine forests. Then, we turn left and head north.

After about six kilometers on the main road, this time we turn left. Direction is Beycik Village. To arrive to this village where is on the western slope of Mount Olympus and at an altitude of 830 meters, we need to gain an altitude of about 500 meters within six kilometers. So, it’s necessary to take energy support before leaving main road!

At the 20th kilometers of the course, we arrive to the peak in Beycik Village. You can eat or drink something at the restaurants here. After our pulse is back to normal, the direction is Kemer!

We’re on the main road after six kilometers. Turn left and move in a flat profile for about 23 km to the center of Kemer with the forests on your left and the Mediterranean on your right. Now, it’s time to rest and have fun in Kemer!