We start this route of about 40 kilometers from the district center of Kemer and head north.

We take the beaches of kemer to our right and go towards Beldibi, parallel to the shore. A few kilometers later we pass the beaches in Göynük. On our lef, there are pine forests, a must for the Mediterranean Climate. These forests take place from the Taurus Mountains to the Mediterranean Sea.

We’re about to come to Beldibi after crossing the Göynük region. We pass the most beautiful hotels in the region via Akdeniz Street. It’s possible to return to Kemer after crossing Beldibi. But we have a better alternative: To stop by Beldibi Cave.

Beldibi Cave has a six-layer, just 25 metres above the sea. The lower layers extend to the Upper Palolithic Period. It is a cave with thousands of years of history, where hunter-gatherer communities lived.

We stay away from the sea for a while on the way back. But pine forests don’t stop accompanying us. We move a few kilometers west, get further away from the sea, then return to the Mediterranean in the same direction. We’re back next to the blue-flag beaches. After moving a few kilometers south, we are in the center of Kemer, where we started riding.