We start off from the center of Kemer again. We have an 18.3-kilometer route which is short but not easy.

We have to move two kilometers west and get to the main road, as we did on the way to Phaselis. After turning left, we’re heading south next to pine forests for about nine kilometers. On the 11th kilometer of the course, we’re leaving main road and we’re starting to gain altitude.

We’re going to climb to a altitude of about 700 meters in seven kilometers. That’s the equivalent of a 10 percent slope! That may be a little bit challenging, but you’ll see it’s worth it. Because the arriving point is the telpher line station at the foot of Mount Olympus.

First, drink your coffee or Turkish Tea and rest. Then, get ready! You will see the Mediterranean Sea from more high altitude than you’ve ever seen!

This aerial tramway takes you from a altitude of 726 meters to the 2,365 meters in 10 minutes, to the peak of Mount Olympus. Not just you, but you and your bike… You’re going 4,350 meters in 10 minutes. And thanks to one of the world’s telpher lines, you see the glory of the Mediterranean from the Taurus Mountains.

After descending from the peak, it’s your choice to return to Kemer or to go to the Çıralı Bays.