If you’ve trained enough on other routes, you’ve been selected to ride on this route! Because we will start at sea level and, in 25 kilometers, arrive Ovacık Plateau at a height of 1300 meters. It will not be so easy!

We’re starting off from the center of Kemer and heading west. Ovacık is located 25 kilometers northwest of Kemer. We only gain an altitude of 150 meters in the first eight kilometers. Then it’s going to be hard!

We’ve a resting spot at 12th kilometers, about 450 meters of altitude: Gedelme Castle. This is a medieval Byzantine Castle from the ninth century. And it’s pretty well preserved. The plane tree, estimated to be 2500 years old, right at the bottom of the castle walls, is a bonus!

After the castle, a difficult climb is waiting for us. We will gain an altitude of 850 meters within 14 kilometers and arrive to Ovacık Plateau.

Ovacık Plateau is a place that amazes those who see it with its virgin nature. It’s a very large plateau, a center of oxygen, which is host Lycian Way… If you are very tired, you may not return to Kemer and you can stay in a hotel inside the nature. Moreover, If you have time, you can participate in trekking and mountain climbing events.

It will be quite easy to return to Kemer. You don’t even have to touch the pedal for a long time. But before going back, don’t forget to check your brakes!