Our starting point is the center of Kemer. We are moving two kilometers west to reach the road of the Ancient City of Phaselis.

We take Çamyuva and the Mediterranean to our left and go south. This direction will take about 10 kilometers. Oxygen from the forests on your right will make our job easier.

At 13th kilometer of the course, we turn left to stop by Phaselis. We’re in Phaselis after two kilometers. This is an ancient city founded by Rhodesians in the seventh century B.C. It’s within the borders of Lycya and was used by ancient Greeks and Romans.

After touring Phaselis, we are moving again towards the main road, to go to Çıralı. As on the way to Phaselis, the journey to south continues.

From 20th to 28th kilometer of the route, we gain an altitude of about 370 meters. After going five kilometres at that altitude, we see the Çıralı sign and turn left. A descending with plenty of bends between pine forests awaits us. Hands on the brakes…

After arriving at sea level, we take a tour around Çıralı and the route ends. But Olympus is next. We are the southmost of the bay in Çıralı. You can see the Ancient Roman Bath after a short walk.

And two bonuses for you: First, the opportunity to cool off in the icy and very clean cold water in Olympus! The second is to see endangered caretta caretta cubs running into the sea, if you’re here at the right season!