From the end of the Mediterranean to the Turquoise Aegean Sea, from the in-forest and calm routes to the sheltered port of Gökova…

First, we are moving to west from Marmaris. We’ll be at the highest point of the route in a short time. Don’t forget to take pictures of Marmaris Bay there. Then we’ll descend from the Plain of Asparan, through the pine forests.

Değirmenyanı will be an ideal break point. You should definitely taste the Gözleme made with region-specific herbs and the Ayran. And then we’ll arrive in English Harbor.

In World War II, British submarines that escaped from the German navies took refuge here. That’s why it’s called the English Port today. After there, Kargılı and Ayın bays are waiting for us. In these bays, it’s possible to rest in restaurants serving fresh seafood. For those who want to camp, Okluk and Kargılı bays are a very good option.

If you don’t prefer camping, we will follow the route and return to Marmaris through in-forest roads!