We start from the İyilik Kayaları in the center of Marmaris. In the half the route, we’re going to move on earth roads!

Before starting the route, we recommend visiting the İyilik Kayaları, which means “Cliffs of Goodness” in Turkish, an ancient city set up around the natural cliffs. Our first destination will be Asparan.

It’s a good idea to take a break in restaurants of Asparan which offer us the local dishes. Then we’ll head for Hisarönü, known for its fresh air and azure sea. Hisaronu is a continuation of The Ancient City of Bybassos. The historic port is being used today as a beach.

We’re leaving Hisarönü and going to Pazarlık Hill. We’ll see the ruins of the ancient city of Kastabos. It is known that it was used as a temple and also a hospital in ancient times. From there, we return to Marmaris via İçmeler and finish the route.