Turunç is a holiday center surrounded by pine forests. There are the bays for those who want to dive, pathways for those who want to make trekking and calm roads between forests for cyclist.

We start this route, which is 40 kilometers long, from Turunç. We’ll gain an altitude of about 1100 meters. Our first stop will be Bayır Village. You can rest by drinking tea under the hundreds of years of plane trees in the village center. And then we’re headed for Kumlubük.

In Kumlubuk, a virgin bay and a clean sea will meet us. We should not forget to take pictures in this village surrounded by sweetgums.

We will complete the journey in Turunç. If you are not too tired, we recommend visiting the Ancient City of Amos, a few kilometers south of Turunç. Amos is one of the first settlements of the Carians in this area. So, it’s one of the first areas where the settlement began in Marmaris and its surroundings.