On The Road

Çesme is one of the most touristic regions not only in Izmir, but also in all of Turkey and the Aegean. Of course, there are many reasons for that. Turquoise sea, golden sands, blue flag beaches, virgin bays, dynamic nightlife, thousands of years old ancient cities…

This paradise is on another peninsula in the west of the peninsula where Izmir is located. The host of the ancient city of Erythrai, one of the old ancient Ionic settlements.

Çeşme is a center of water sports in spring and summer. And, of course, a cycling center. The Turkish part of Eurovélo route number eight starts in Çesme. Moreover, on every November, one of Turkey’s most popular Granfondo’s is held here. Çesme is usually either the first or last stop for those who want to explore Izmir by cycling!

Urla is the host of the bays where the blue and turquoise sea of Izmir is the calmest, is a frequent destination for gourmets! With its bays and calm sea, Urla has an interesting island with an interesting name: Quarantine Island.

Surrounded by a very glassy sea, this island was used to prevent infectious diseases during the Ottoman Empire. Must be explored! In addition, the first olive oil production point of Anatolia is located in Urla.

The olive oil ateliers in The Ancient Ionic city of Klazomenai is the beginning area of the tradition of producing quality olive oil in Urla. And you will see that this tradition continues. Urla may be the first stop for those who leave Çesme on a bike. Beautiful nature, historical places, delicious cuisine; they are very good reasons to relax and spend time in Urla!

Karaburun, also known as Mimas in mythology! This is a peninsula that’s the subject of legends. Aegean turquoise, which accompanies thousands of years of history… There’s a clear and transparent sea, bays you’d like to see a second time and natural beaches in Karaburun. But it’s also a very quiet place. If you say sea, sand and sun are not enough, you can choose from many hiking and cycling routes and make your days most dynamic. We’ve talked about hiking and cycling but diving.

You should visit and see Mordoğan region in Karaburun. Mordoğan has Bearfish Beach, the breeding ground of Mediterranean seal. It’s possible to dive on this beach and to get experiences you’ll want to tell for the rest of your life.

You’ve been working out, you’ve rested, there’s food next! The fish restaurant on the costs, the olive oil dishes with unique artichokes of the region, natural dairy products… See you in Karaburun then!

After you leave Seferihisar, when you hear the word ” tranquility”, the first thing that you think will be your time there! This is the first place in Turkey to have the title of “slow city (cittaslow)”. With the quiet streets, friendly and tranquil people, 49 kilometers long and blue flag beaches, Seferihisar is one of the most beautiful districts of Izmir and the Aegean.

Seferihisar is also an important place with its deep history. The host of Teos, an ancient Ionic city, and the thousands of-year-old Sığacık Port. One of the favorite places of wine god Dionysos, becaouse of wineyards. On a road bike or mountain bike, it’s quite possible that you’ll pass through Seferihisar.

Rest, stoke up on peace and if you’re in right season, fill your bag with the most beautiful tangerines in Anatolia!

It is possible to describe Selçuk, as “the largest open-air museum in the world”! The Ancient City of Ephesus which is on UNESCO World Heritage List, the Temple of Artemis which is one of the seven wonders of the world, the House of Virgin Mary, Basilica of Saint John, the thousands of years old village Şirince…

All these historical monuments and regions are accompanied by the perfect nature where green and blue compete to dominate. Blue flag beaches offer you clean beaches of the Aegean. Don’t let all of this make you forget to stop by the Selçuk Bird Paradise, home to thousands of bird species! Selçuk may be starting or ending point of your cycling route.

Either way, don’t leave here without climbing on Bülbüldağı which used in many times as the finish of the queen stage of the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey. This climbing also will lead you to the House of Virgin Mary!